How Will You Celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas?

A Zoom Thanksgiving will replace our normal celebration which is a chaotic home busting at the seams with our 5 children, their 5 spouses, and 15 Grandchildren. However, this “alternative celebration”, while non-traditional, is minor in the scheme of things.

As we hear news that Covid case numbers and hospitalizations are on the rise, our thoughts turn to those who have lost loved ones and others who are suffering from this virus.. We also are especially concerned, as well as grateful, for the many medical professionals who are treating the afflicted and placing their own health at risk.

Our 2019 Thanksgiving Newsletter discussed the importance of building relationships in this age of transacting “business” without ever talking to a human being. While last November seems more like a decade ago than a year ago, the 2020 message could be the same.

As stated in that piece, Since ours is a B2B Business and the essence of our “product” is term debt, we are more motivated than most to get to know our customers. Unfortunately, no one can predict the future. Rather, we make an educated assessment based upon credit data and other criteria.

A pandemic was not in that calculation!

Fortunately, given the diversity of our customer and equipment vendor base, our business fared as well as could be expected. As Thanksgiving approaches, we feel more gratitude than ever for the many business owners who lived up to their financial obligations and remained current. The winds were definitely in their faces rather than at their backs. Thank You!!!

May your families and livelihoods remain healthy as we enter another Holiday Season.

It is the Lease we can do,

Kevin F. Clune CLFP
Clune & Company