Are you missing a bet if you pay cash for your equipment? 

If you are using cash to acquire capital assets that are subject to obsolescence, are you less likely to replace it as necessary? Would you benefit from having your equipment on a fast track to upgrade regularly so that you could remain competitive? 

These questions occurred to me when my wife and I recently upgraded our cell phones after less that two years. I realized there are some similarities in the cell phone billing plans and some leasing programs that keep customers on the cutting edge of technology. Are you asking your equipment dealer for a lease option?

We were content with our cell phones when a representative of our mobile carrier contacted us to inform us about a special offer for an upgrade. Not surprisingly, the special “deal” was soon to expire. We had only five payments left on our current phones but after checking out the features of the upgraded phones and comparing costs, we agreed to the offer. 

Without boring you with more of the details, the point of this story is that businesses who lease their equipment are far more likely to replace outdated equipment sooner than those you use cash. There are additional advantages with a Clune Lease Program that are “unique to the industry”.

  1. Vendor of your choice & purchase price you have negotiated
  2. Straightforward Lease contracts with flexible terms
  3. No surprise fees or end of lease “gotchas”
  4. Renew, Upgrade, or Purchase Options available  
  5. Clune Professional Staff Support

I acknowledge that cell phone technology is probably more prone to obsolescence than most other office equipment. However, the upgrade incentive we experienced provides a good example of how acquiring equipment with a lease can allow businesses to also stay competitive with the latest technology.

Let us know if you would like more information on Clune Lease Programs.

It’s the lease we could do,

Kevin F. Clune, CLFP
Clune & Company LC