Clune & Company LC is a family owned independent leasing business that works directly with commercial equipment vendors and also businesses who want to finance their equipment acquisition with a lease.

  1. For vendors of capital equipment, you will have a wide array of financing tools to help you sell more by closing more deals more quickly. With Clune's straightforward contracts, you will be assured of superior customer retention.
  2. For business owners (lessees), pick the vendor of your choice and your equipment at the price you negotiate and work directly with Clune to select the terms of your lease contract. You can also set up a line of credit for all of your equipment finance needs.

Clune, which was founded in 1957, has built a loyal & nationwide customer base of both equipment vendors and lessees. Clune is also a proud supporter of the Certified Lease Professional Organization.  The CLP title is a challenging and highly regarded professional designation that has been earned by a majority of the Clune Staff.

Therefore, when you partner with Clune, you will have the assurance that you are working with an experienced professional in the industry, committed to honest and ethical business standards. We invite you to discover the "Clune Difference"! 

What is the total cost of your lease?

Watch this short video to hear Kevin Clune explain how a Clune & Company Lease has a LOWER TOTAL COST when compared to our competition.

Use our Lease Estimate Tool to quickly calculate a monthly lease payment and the Total Cost Comparison to see your possible savings.