City Blue: A Case Study

CityBlue Technologies LLC was in the market to find a trustworthy leasing company that would meet their needs, according to Thomas Jacobson, Vice President of Finance with CityBlue Technologies. Those needs could be summarized as professional customer service, sales support, transparent contracts, flexibility, and time efficient responsiveness.

While attending a RSA (Reprographic Service Association) Conference, Mr. Jacobson was impressed by a presentation given by Kevin Clune, CLP, and President of Clune & Company, and decided to contact Clune. He wasn’t disappointed and confidently stated, “Our experience with Clune has been very pleasant”, a proven success. Clune & Company is proud to have been named as the only leasing company endorsed by the RSA since 2005.

Originally named City Blueprint & Supply, the company, CityBlue Technologies LLC was founded in 1968 by Charles E. Robison in Peoria, Illinois and has now expanded to four locations (Peoria, St.Louis, Quad Cities, and Champaign). They began by providing reprographic services, engineering supplies and drafting services. Since then, CityBlue has evolved into a very diverse company that offers a variety of high-tech products, services and solutions to professionals in Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Utilities, Government and more.

CityBlue leased equipment for themselves through Clune & Co. prior to making the decision to use them to finance equipment sales to their customers. Mr. Jacobson reports that “Clune has relieved our sales staff of tedious paper work and document preparation.” Since 60-70% of their customers want to consider a lease finance contract to acquire their equipment, CityBlue feels a tremendous responsibility to have confidence in the leasing company they recommend to their customers. CityBlue trusts the Clune Staff to contact their customers directly for their credit information, provide payment quotes, and acquire necessary signatures.

Mr. Corey Nelson, CityBlue Vice President of Sales, agrees with this assessment, stating, “For our sales team, it comes down to the comfort level we have with Clune. I know I can contact Bernadette McDevitt, our primary leasing representative at Clune & Co, and have confidence that every transaction will be professionally handled.”

The benefits, according to Mr. Nelson, include outstanding customer service from medium to large deals, effective sales training, timely reports, information on lease products, and trust that nothing is hidden from their eyes. The unique Clune VIP program that offers distinctive profit opportunities is also an added bonus in their Clune relationship.

From Clune’s perspective, the success of this partnership is due to shared business ethics, mutual goals and a high regard for their customers, who trust both to provide the best products in their perspective fields of expertise.

Overall, CityBlue Technologies reports overwhelming satisfaction in their working relationship with Clune & Co., citing easy access to a leasing professional, timely information and reports related to their customers, and ease of transacting business.

Mr. Nelson’s advice to others in need of leasing services is that a comfortable and trustworthy relationship is paramount in the decision. For CityBlue Technologies, Clune & Co. has been proven to be a good fit for them.