Who is the face of the future at Landmark?

“I was initially attracted to the leasing industry because it was the best opportunity for me to grow my career. I also knew I would have the opportunity to have a good mentor for learning the business through my dad’s knowledge of the industry. Additionally, I like helping people from various industries grow their business.” stated Ryan SutherlandRyan Sutherland in a recent interview. He is the son of Peter Sutherland, the current Chairman of Landmark Financial Corporation.

For Leasing Customers and Vendors who recommend Landmark to their clients, Ryan’s presence with the Company signifies stability, strength, trust, and longevity. As an Independent Lease Finance provider, Landmark Lease Agreements are booked and managed internally, from application to payoff. Ryan explains their value add as: Landmark provides a “high level of customer service and creativity”.

Even though Ryan is one of three siblings, he is the only one to be a part of the business. He had been employed elsewhere when a sales position became available at Landmark. Feeling this “presented an opportunity for career growth and increasing my overall happiness”, Ryan made the leap. He has now been with LFC for 10 years.

His responsibilities have expanded from driving new business to also include “maintaining current customer relations and credit underwriting”. Since Clune & Company became “A Division of Landmark Financial” in 2022, Landmark’s customer base has increased as well as Ryan’s workload, but he stated that the integration of the two Companies has gone smoothly.

ryan-golf.jpgOutside the office, he enjoys many outdoor sports that Colorado has to offer such as skiing, hiking, and golf. With the arrival of a son, Lucas, he has less free time for some of these sports. Other interests include going to Football games and Concerts. 

When asked about his future with Landmark, he envisions it as “doing a lot of the same things” but also taking on more managerial roles. If you have questions about a new or existing lease, he can be reached at Ryan@LFCinc.com.

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Kevin F. Clune, CLFP
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