Our business has been dramatically impacted by the financial services Clune has provided to us...Did they measure up? You bet they did-and then some.

James E. Sheedy 
President of VCTV, Inc.

“Clune ...is by far the best leasing company I have had experience with.  They provide assistance that no other leasing company does and have been very willing to work with our District as our needs have changed.  It’s hard to find many leasing companies that will take a personal interest in a District like Clune does… With a district of 5,300 students, and 1,000 employees, service is critical…” 

Stacie Thompson
Business Manager of Mt. Pleasant Independent School District
Mt. Pleasant, TX

For our sales team, it comes down to the comfort level we have with Clune. I know I can contact [any of the leasing representatives] at Clune & Co., and have confidence that every transaction will be professionally handled.

Cory Nelson
VP of Sales, CityBlue Technologies, Peoria, IL

In short, there are no hidden surprises or unseen traps in a Clune Lease. Clune mirrors the expertise you want portrayed to your customers. Clune may not always present the cheapest payment plan, but they'll always provide the most honest and hassle-free program. As the longest running family-owned lease company in the US, you can count on Clune to back you up with all customer needs.

Ray Garvey
Grasshopper Mowers Inc, Moundridge, KS

VSR Financial Services has worked with Clune Leasing extensively since February of 2004 to lease a variety of office equipment, furnishings and especially improvements and upgrades to our technology systems. As a growing national financial services firm serving 300 independent brokers across the nation, VSR needs to be able to respond quickly to the needs of our home office facilities in Overland Park and the ever-increasing technology demands of the financial services industry. Clune’s friendly, helpful employees have gone the extra mile on more than one occasion to help us secure needed equipment on a day’s notice. Clune has played a vital role in VSR’s growth to annual revenues of $100 million. At VSR, we appreciate Clune’s shared commitment to the qualities which make up our name – Value, Service and Reliability.

Stephen A. Russell
VSR Financial Services, Inc., Overland Park, KS

Clune is a well-respected lessor and a long-time family business. Kevin Clune is the second generation manager for this company that was started in the early 1950's by Kevin's father.

Excellent people and very good to work with.

Bob Teichman, CLFP
Teichman Financial Training

I just love Clune cause you guys all do such a wonderful job and make the whole lease process so smooth. I used to dread lease orders until I started working with Clune.

Robert Davis
RESULTS Technology

“Things could not have gone better; Clune’s process is simple and straightforward. The monthly payment mirrors the cash flow of a law firm and this (lease financing) could be a great way to acquire other equipment moving forward.”

From the managing general partner of a regional law firm


I think that you guys are the BEST! I've been in practice 38 yrs and have made the mistake of taking direction from a vendor to lease some equipment from another leasing company, under the false impression that most leasing companies are the same. It was a disaster! 

I have since added two more lease contracts with Clune. I can and will testify to the fact that you guys are the kind of people that make it a pleasure to do business with.

Most Sincerely,
Dr. Thomas Joyce
Joyce Chiropractic
Bethany, OK

Clune leasing advantage to our company: NO RISK. No risk of evergreen clauses. No risk of leases going beyond contracted terms. No risk of end of lease surprises. Simply put, no risk of losing customers over lease issues.

Jim Parker
Complete Business Systems,
Longview, TX

I have used Clune over the years both when I had my own company and then when we merged with Imaging Resources. I could tell horror stories that my customers have had with other leasing companies, especially when we helped them figure out what was going on with the lease and helped them arrange to send back equipment (we did not sell them). The hoops they had to jump through and penalties and on and on almost made me "sick."

After reporting a "very bad experience with another leasing company," a customer of mine leased their equipment through Clune. They told me that the service, assistance and helpfulness duly impressed them and that when they are ready to lease new equipment that they want us to make certain we use Clune.

Anyway, you have been the best and EVERY ONE of the personnel at Clune that have helped me over the years (since the mid 90's) have been the greatest.

Will Chase
Imaging Resources, Inc.
d/b/a Laser Cycle of Montana,
Billings, MT

We have used Clune for many years. Clune's rates are always competitive and their Customer Service is excellent. Because they are always very professional and polite we have no problem having them call our customer to get all of the necessary financial information needed for the lease. Quick approval of the lease and prompt payment after delivery makes the transaction almost like a cash sale. If needed, Clune can be very flexible in the structure of the lease to meet our needs and our customers needs. One of the best things about Clune is that you deal with the same people all the way through the life of the lease. I would highly recommend Clune & Company to my fellow RSA Stockholders.

Chuck McCann
Springfield Blue Print & Photo Copy Co Inc,
Springfield, MO

  "If you are interested in considering doing business with a highly reputable leasing company, I would recommend Clune & Company. I had done business with Clune, in the past, for over 20 years. Their rates are very competitive, the service is great and they are honest to a fault. You might find their rates lower than other companies. Clune is also very fair about buy-out terms and do NOT have an evergreen clause." 

Ron Kogan,
formerly General Manager @ Dynamic Computer Solutions
currently @ EBE-USA Office Solutions