Is Optimism on the Rise?

In a global wide survey, 70% of respondents predicted that 2024 will be better than 2023. These results prompted the writer of an article in IPSOS to declare that “Optimism is on the Rise”. Exactly what is the basis for this conclusion?

  1. The global economic outlook is showing signs of recovery. As we start 2024, headline inflation has started to come down in many countries.
  2. Covid 19 worries have subsided. In a milestone decision, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially ended its status of global health emergency for the virus in May.
  3. More than half of the population expects a return to office work in the post-COVID era. This suggests that face-to-face engagements are becoming increasingly important.

Unfortunately, there was no consensus on other critical issues in the survey, including global tensions and conflicts, the effects of AI on our economy, the next U.S. President, and Climate Debates.

(For this survey, Ipsos interviewed a total of 25,292 adults aged 18 years and older in India, 18-74 in Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, and the United States, 20-74 in Thailand, 21-74 in Indonesia and Singapore, and 16-74 in all other countries.)

While you may wonder what this has to do with our little “corner” of the U.S. Economy, there is an adage that states, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Lower inflation can lead to increased commerce and result in expansion of businesses who will need equipment financing. Improved health of the working age populace will expand manufacturing. Artificial Intelligence may be an essential element in economic growth despite the survey naysayers. I could go on…

There was much to digest in these results and much to ponder about our individual role(s) in a global economy. It is a customary question to ask at the start of a New Year and if 70% are optimistic about 2024, that is a good omen.
Best wishes for success in ’24 and let us know if we may be of assistance.

It’s the Lease we can do,

Kevin F. Clune, CLFP
Clune & Company, A Division of
Landmark Financial Corporation