Who is pulling the levers at Landmark Financial Corporation?

It has been 16 months since Clune & Company became a Division of Landmark Financial Corporation. How did this acquisition/relationship happen, who is pulling the levers at LFC, and what does the future look like? Meet Peter Sutherland, CEO of LFC, who answers these questions and more in a recent interview and introduces his son, Ryan, the next generation of LFC.

“I was fortunate to meet Kevin and Mary Kay at an ELFA (Equipment Lease Finance Association) event many, many years ago in Florida and it was clear from that first meeting, Clune and Landmark’s approach to the leasing business was quite similar. After our initial meeting, Kevin and I made efforts to stay in touch periodically to bounce ideas of one another and share business experiences.” said Sutherland.

He provided some background, “I was introduced to lease financing in 1978 through a “new” program offered by the Bank where I was employed as a junior loan officer. The concept intrigued me and the financing approach was quite different from traditional bank lending. Fast forward 2 years and I was approached by a new leasing company in Denver to help build the company from the ground up. I leapt at the opportunity and never looked back.” LFC was founded in 1983.

Given the “long relationship with Kevin and knowing him to be a person of great character and integrity” appealed to Sutherland, who said the two companies just have a lot in common. “We each filled market niches and both companies were dedicated to providing a very high level of personalized service and creative solutions to their customers. The similarities (between Clune & LFC) far outweigh our differences.”

While Clune and LFC are both Independent Lease Providers, LFC focused on the leasing customer/end user while Clune strove to build Vendor relationships referred by their leasing customers. Sutherland confirmed that LFC will hold all these relationships in the highest regard. “The combination of our two companies is an expansion of the strengths, services and financing solutions we offer.”

The future of LFC is on a firm footing with a long tenured core team which also consists of Peter’s son, Ryan Sutherland, who has been with the company for 10 years. “The pathway is in place for the next generation to continue to provide financing services for years to come.”

Speaking of the future, Kevin may be golfing and traveling more while Peter will be hiking or skiing. “I find nothing more satisfying than spending time in the mountains, he added.” Thank goodness for cell phones!
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Kevin F. Clune, CLFP
Clune & Company, A Division of
Landmark Financial Corporation