Is this any way to run a business? 

If you have purchased a car recently, and then had to register it with the State and County offices, we hope it went more smoothly than our experience.  We settled on a price with the dealer which was hand-written and then submitted to the document processor.  When we reviewed the printed agreement, we noticed the price was higher than what we had agreed upon and a sizable administrative fee, which had not been disclosed, had been added to the bottom line.

Excuses and apologies followed. We went forward with the purchase but then encountered head winds at the State DMV office where the line was out the door.  An employee met us at the door to tell us they didn’t have enough manpower to process all those already there and to come back another day.

Another stop at the County Assessor was also a dry run.  They had been the victim of a ransomware attack and had just resumed servicing customers after a THREE-WEEK delay!  “Appointments could be made online”, we were told, but the earliest one available was 10 days away.

Since we operate a business that requires customers to sign an agreement to make payments over the term of a contract, it is incumbent upon us to double check that we have accurate amounts and correct quoted fees. We also need to have reliable software systems that efficiently and quickly transact the lease agreement.  Otherwise, we risk cancellation of the deal and/or losing repeat business from the customer.

In a February 2024 article from Simplilearn titled, The Top 15 Challenges of Artificial Intelligence, it states,  “implementing robust error-handling mechanisms and contingency plans helps keep malfunctions' impacts small when they occur. Regular software updates and maintenance are also significant in preventing and solving potential defects that might cause malfunctioning. “

It is apparent that businesses who operate in a competitive environment are more inclined to invest in reliable systems that deliver an excellent experience and stellar service. 

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Kevin F. Clune, CLFP
Clune & Company, A Division of
Landmark Financial Corporation