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Learn how a variety of our customers have benefitted from a Clune business relationship. Whether a vendor or lessee, Clune became acquainted with the specific challenges faced by each business and responded with optimum financing options to place them on a path for growth and ultimate success.    

For a residential and commercial plumbing services business, the ability to acquire the equipment they needed to expand has allowed them to meet their goals for growth.  For the vendors who contributed their personal stories, the Clune array of financing tools and hands on expertise enabled them to make more sales and enjoy greater customer retention.  With a Clune partnership, you can also write your own success story


Morgan-Miller Plumbing

Learn how a large plumbing business easily replaced an “entire inventory of drain cleaning equipment” and also acquired line bursting equipment to expand their business.

VCTV Memo from President

This business owner attributes their growth from a local company to a national network with expansion into 47 states to their 15 plus year Clune partnership.

VCTV  Contiunes to Grow

“I can unequivocally say that without a great leasing partner our business would be seriously hamstrung.”  according to Jim Sheedy, founder & CEO of VCTV, a provider of internal communication solutions for medium to large commercial properties.

CityBlue Technologies

Read how a reprographic equipment dealer found Clune & Company to be a trustworthy leasing company that would meet their needs of professional customer service, sales support, transparent contracts, flexibility, and time efficient responsiveness.

Complete Business Systems

 "No matter how good our customer service was, we regularly lost repeat business out of no fault of our own, but due to problems with the third party leasing company." stated the major account representative at a Texas Copier Dealer. The professional leasing standards promoted by Clune & Company are an integral part of their business philosophy and translated into success for this business. 

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