Jim Sheedy: "I did build this business!"


“I can unequivocally say that without a great leasing partner our business would be seriously hamstrung.”  according to Jim Sheedy, founder & CEO of VCTV, a provider of internal communication solutions for medium to large commercial properties.

VCTV installed its first system at Pebble Beach 24 years ago and has worked with over 700 properties since that time, updating most of those several times.

Having worked on educational software videos for government and Fortune 500 companies, Sheedy saw a need beyond video to help companies communicate to their respective audiences on an immediate basis.  The VCTV system accomplishes this by using a computer/software based product instead of a one time produced program. 

A long career at Xerox followed by working with one of the leading software training companies in the country gave Sheedy the skills to develop and market the VCTV system.  After starting the business in his home basement, there were still hurdles to overcome.  “Financing in the tech industry for an unproven product to a yet to be proven market was quite a challenge 24 years ago.  Can you imagine?  We didn’t even have the internet.” stated Sheedy.  

VCTV has just undergone a third expansion to larger office space and has grown to include Sheedy’s four sons, who have been a vital part of the business for many years. The company attributes their growth and success to being one of the few communication companies that actually writes its own software and builds its own hardware, thus ensuring a higher standard of product performance and greater flexibility to react to customer and industry demands.  With only a few other companies that can actually produce solutions on a national or even corporate wide basis, VCTV is highly regarded in their industry. 

Clune & Company has partnered with VCTV for over 15 years to provide customized lease finance options for their customers, allowing them to acquire their systems and also upgrade to the latest technology. “Clune really simplifies things for us and gives us competitive rates as well. But it’s not just us, our customers love the leasing option and they have always been satisfied with the Clune service and rates too.” claimed Jim Sheedy. 


We wish VCTV continued success,
Your friends at Clune & Company