Profile of a Clune Customer

morgan-miller.jpgHow does a large plumbing business easily replace an “entire inventory of drain cleaning equipment” and also acquire line bursting equipment to expand their business? Learn how Morgan Miller Plumbing, found their answer.

According to owner Jeff Morgan, “Drain cleaning equipment is very expensive and vital to our operations. We had been repairing one with parts from another. Finally, we broke the no-win cycle and decided to replace our entire inventory.“   

Also, the line bursting equipment is a relatively new technology that would allow for a whole new level of service to provide to our customers.   “We felt it was time to invest in our future” commented Morgan.  After analyzing the options of conventional financing vs. leasing, Morgan chose to finance the acquisition of this equipment with Clune & Company. 

When Morgan Miller was founded in 1997, CEO and owner Jeff Morgan had a vision of building a metro wide residential and commercial repair and emergency service plumbing business. After earning a Master’s License, working with a nationally branded company, and teaching plumbing classes, Jeff Morgan was ready to launch his own business. He partnered with Bob Miller and brought his knowledge of the latest energy efficient products, corporate procedures, pride in his work, and most of all, his dedication to customer satisfaction. 

“Our focus is to build something worth selling!” he added.  With a niche in residential and commercial repair and emergency services, Morgan Miller attributes their growth and success to providing quality work and expressing customer appreciation.  They follow up every job with a phone call and a unique, hand written, recycled thank you card.    

When asked why his business chose to finance their equipment with a Clune lease, he responded that the manufacturers didn’t offer any type of financing and he didn’t think twice about whom to involve on the financing end.  “For us, it was about ease of service, and with whom we have already established a relationship.  Clune puts the package together, contacts our manufacturers to transfer funds, and magically our equipment arrives. No hassles!”  Morgan added that this decision paid for itself in a short amount of time.

Morgan Miller was first introduced to Clune through a mutual business contact when they needed to finance a “SeeSnake” locator with camera monitor equipment.  “A great 10 years it has been!” commented owner Jeff Morgan in describing his business relationship with Clune & Company. His business has grown and expanded their services since that first introduction. This is evidenced by Morgan Miller’s #1 ranking in the 2010 Wal-Mart National Review of Plumbing Service Companies.   

Morgan’s advice for other entrepreneurs is to work with people in organizations that respect you and what you are trying to do. “When you find someone you enjoy working with, stay with them!” he said. His final comment was, “Network, network, network, then network some more!”    

We extend our congratulations to Morgan Miller on their success & wish them continued growth and prosperity. 

Your friends at Clune & Company.