Vendor Support

 What are the advantages of becoming a Clune Vendor Partner?

  1. Increased Sales
  2. Customer Retention
  3. Control of your customer’s end of lease options
  4. Increased Revenues with unique Vendor Incentive Program
  5. Straightforward Contracts without evergreens or hidden fees
  6. Clune’s personal and professional support allows more time for selling
  7. Pass-Through Billing

As a Clune Vendor Partner, it is easy to always quote a lease payment option with every bid. You will increase the probability of your customer saying “yes” to the sale.  Additionally, when you recommend a Clune Lease to finance their equipment acquisition, you can rest assured that your customer will remain loyal to your business. 

Become a Clune Vendor Partner by submitting the easy vendor profile. You will enjoy increased sales, greater customer satisfaction, and peace of mind.