Need to Get More Bang for Your Buck?

Did you know that you could buy a 20 Trillion Zimbabwe Bank Note for $19.99 in U.S. dollars? .  We all know that prices can fluctuate but this is an extreme example of inflation run amok, where a Zimbabwe “buck” doesn’t go very far. 

Fortunately, the U.S. Economy is much more stable and is not subject to wild fluctuations from one moment to the next. This stability enables consumers to compare costs and determine what products or services will provide them the most “bang for their buck”. The Leasing Industry is no exception. 

The Equipment Lease & Finance Association(ELFA), is the largest trade association in the $900 Billion Leasing Industry.  They recently performed an extensive study and issued a subsequent report titled, Independents, Banking on Non-Banks, in their January Newsletter.

Since Clune & Company is an “Independent”, it caught my attention. At the risk of boring you, I thought some essential information was worth repeating whether you are a vendor who has recommended our service, or you are a current, former, or potential leasing customer. It answered some basic questions which may be helpful to consumers of lease finance products:

  1. What is an Independent?
  2. How do they differentiate themselves?
  3. Who do they serve?

Independents are companies that are not owned or controlled by a Bank or Equipment Manufacturer (Captive). Like those competitors, however, they also provide financing to meet the small, middle, or large ticket needs of private or public companies. In this highly competitive environment, they strive to find ways to deliver extra value.

Differentiation for Independents is normally to provide customized programs based upon the needs of their clients. Market forces have pushed most Independents to offer a mix of both “High Tech” online services as well as “High Touch” personal services.     

“We play where others do not” was a common response when Independents were asked about the source of their market share. For example, businesses that need to finance used, highly specialized, and/or a multi-vendor equipment package will turn to an Independent. 

Can we help you get the most bang for your “financing” buck?

It’s the lease we can do,

Kevin F. Clune, CLFP
Clune & Company LC