Is It Time To “Cowboy Up”?

Do you want or need a free gourmet cafeteria, an on-site gym, a dog spa, or even a mini-laundry and drop-off dry cleaning in your workplace to “augment your company’s culture”? Supposedly, these are some of the amenities that are requested to be in the office of the future, according to a recent local Business Journal article.

Conversely, the same publication showcased a successful CEO who advised Business Owners to “Cowboy Up”. His philosophy, he said, is encompassed in the 10 principles of “The Code of the West” which, he feels “fosters a winning culture”. His favorites are: “Live each day with courage.”; “Be tough but fair.”; “Take pride in your work.”

I suppose these two “cultures” are not mutually exclusive but my instincts tell me that if you focus on a “winning culture”, the “company’s culture” will follow. In other words, it isn’t about all the “comforts” in your work place but more about clear expectations and having the tools to be competitive.

As we approach the 4th of July and a mid-year assessment, are you on track to achieve the projections you laid out for 2018? Do you have the necessary equipment to be successful?

One of the leading Leasing Industry Publications had announced 10 top equipment acquisition trends for 2018 last January, and two are pertinent to this topic:

  1. Technological advances in equipment will attract businesses looking to improve efficiencies. “New technology will be even more irresistible as businesses look for ways to increase efficiencies and profitability as they take advantage of new market opportunities in the growing economy.”
  2. Financing options and services for equipment acquisitions will be more innovative and customer driven. “Attractive financing options will make the latest equipment that may have been considered previously unaffordable even more accessible.”

An independent lease finance partner such as Clune & Company is better situated to offer creative solutions that enable companies to remain competitive with the latest technologies, even it that includes an on-site gym or mini-laundry.

Whatever your needs, we would relish the opportunity to help your business “cowboy up” and/or “augment your company’s culture” so that you can finish strong in 2018.

Kevin F. Clune, CLFP
Clune & Company LC