How Are You Coping With Inflation?

“Though an exceptionally strong labor market and robust housing growth has the U.S. economy on track for solid 2.8% growth in 2022, downside risks are mounting. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions, economic turmoil, and supply chain shocks are all likely to contribute to inflation this year. “

This was the April Economic Outlook from the Equipment Lease Finance Association, a leading trade organization of the Leasing Industry.  While you do have to applaud them for calling out “the elephant in the room”, will these problems really be resolved anytime soon?

In the meantime, the choice of an Independent Lease Finance Partner might ease the pain of inflation with:

  1. Independent Provider Benefits:
  2. Easy Budgeting 
  3. Preservation of Credit Lines: 
  4. Customized Contracts. 

Your equipment vendor may offer their “in house” leasing program to customers but we recommend that you shop other funding sources. By working directly with an Independent Lease Provider, you will benefit from greater accessibility, better rates, and a quick source of financing for all your equipment needs.

In these inflationary times, a lease can be structured so that monthly payments will meet budgetary requirements. If you need to keep your costs down, a lease program is an easy way to acquire necessary equipment at an affordable cost.

Preserve your credit lines for more pressing issues such as payroll, supplies, or an unexpected expense. A lease typically finances 100% of the equipment costs, including shipping and installation.

Most Independents are more flexible and can offer customized contracts for special circumstances such as seasonal businesses or other unique situations. Don’t meekly accept the “in house” financing before you shop other financing options.

These are economically challenging times which necessitate creative solutions to maintaining profitability while still offering a quality product. As for the supply chain issues, we wish you the best of luck.

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Kevin F. clune, CLFP
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