Is the sky the limit? 

Since the announcement of the launch of the U.S. Space Force, I can’t help but imagine a scene from The Jetsons, a popular television series from the 60’s that was set in a future of flying cars and life in outer space

It was incredibly prescient, as stated by this review of the show: “Apart from the flying cars of the animated series which are, as yet, unfeasible in the real world, the technology of The Jetsons has become commonplace: people in the early 21st Century communicate via video-chat on flat screens, robots have taken over many jobs, push-button food provides fast and high-quality products (e.g., Keurig coffee), various high-tech devices are used for leisure, and so forth.”

Whatever the future holds, however, one can be assured there will still be a demand for non-government business capital to finance the new technology and industries necessary to support this Space Force. Nearly 100 Equipment Lease Executives came together recently to “reorient themselves to learn about, follow the development of and prepare for upcoming technological developments and advances.

The Lease Finance Industry was born from a need to extend credit to fund the construction and acquisition of ships going back to the time of the Phoenicians. The growth of railroads over 170 years ago can also be attributed to the availability of capital provided by lease financing programs.  Since then, many other classifications of capital equipment that could not have been imagined in 1850 are being leased. Regardless of the collateral of the future, the basic tenets and benefits of a lease program vs. other funding mechanisms will remain the same. 

•    Convenience
•    Easy Budgeting
•    Preservation of Credit Lines
•    Tax Benefits

Clune & Company was founded in 1957 with an initial business plan to finance IBM typewriters and has applied the same principles to the credit demands of the 21st Century. In this current technological revolution with the mandate to explore the vast wilderness of Space, it certainly seems that the Sky is the Limit.
Can Clune help your business make the leap?

It’s the Lease we can do,
Kevin F. Clune CLFP